Zeeshan Jalil

Zeeshan Jalil

Zeeshan Jalil’s Amazon Ranking Strategies Masterclass

If you are an experienced seller on Amazon or an agency owner, Zeejan Jalil’s Masterclass on Amazon Ranking Strategies is for you! In this masterclass spread over eight sessions, Zeeshan Jalil will walk you through the expert strategies that will give a power-push to your products to rank high on Amazon.

Why should you join this masterclass?

Product sourcing and hunting is easy, what’s challenging to do on Amazon is rank high in the ever increasing cut-throat competition from around the world! This masterclass will equip you with techniques that will give you the support you need to grow your online business.

What will you learn from this masterclass?

Session 1: Introduction

In this session Mr. Zeeshan Jalil will get to know about your business one-on-one to give you customised solutions to your problems in the sessions that will follow.

Session 2 & 3: Pre-Launch Checklist

In these sessions you will be ready to launch with completion of the pre-launch checklist. Here, you will learn how to:

  • Optimise your products the right way using the science of copywriting, listing images, EBC & videos.
  • Make sure you are not missing any backend data.
  • How to send the inventory to the correct warehouse.
  • Picking the right keyword to launch your business according to your budget.

Session 4 & 5: Launching and Ranking

The fourth and fifth sessions will teach you how to launch and rank high on Amazon using the following:

  • PPC model
  • Google Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • YouTube Ads
  • TikTok

Session 6: Post-Launch Maintenance

The biggest and most frequent mistake that a large number of sellers and micro-agency owners make is that they do not plan their post-launch maintenance strategy resulting in a haphazard execution. Maintaining product ranking after you launch your product is equally important. In this session, Zeeshan Jalil will walk you through the methods you need to know to grow your business on Amazon after you have set-up and launched.

Session 7: Launching in Competitive Niches

Once you have launched your product, the next stage is to scale by launching in competitive niches. In this session you will get to learn five different niche-launch plans and roadmaps through a variety of case studies.

Session 8: Relaunching Existing Products

There is no one set-in-stone method of launching any given product. Any product can be launched in a number of ways which is an opportunity for you to relaunch your existing already launched products in a completely new fashion. To add on, in the last session of this masterclass you’ll also get to know the strategy for seasonal launches.

With a small class- size, covering 6 carefully set milestones, the program equips you to develop customised ranking and listing strategies for each of your products.

Duration: 4 weeks | 8 sessions

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