Zaeem Yaqoob

Zaeem Yaqoob

Zaeem Yaqoob’s Creative Entrepreneurship Masterclass

The culture and creative industry offers tremendous opportunities. In this masterclass spread over 8 sessions, you will walk through four case studies that will help you dissect the concept of creative entrepreneurship and develop an in-depth understanding of the different types of business models of a creative enterprise within the context of Pakistan. In this one-month long masterclass, Zaeem Yaqoob will equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to start and grow your entrepreneurial venture in the creative economy.

Who Can Join This Masterclass?

  1. Creative practitioners that include people operating in the creative industry such as artists & content creators including bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, NFT Artists, digital advertising agency founders, professional gamers, performing arts professionals, professionals/freelancers skilled in digital tools, media industry professionals and more.
  2. A creative individual who wants to establish a creative enterprise in the above categories.
  3. A creative agency/company founder struggling to grow his or her business.

What will you cover in this Masterclass?

The case studies have been developed by experts from all over the world under a UN mandated program. These case studies give a different perspective into the creative sector.

Case Study 1: Cultural Spaces

These include all places that help people exchange creative expression such as performing arts theatres, museums, art galleries and more. Cultural spaces have the potential of monetisation which creative practitioners often tend to miss. Through this case study you’ll explore the challenges faced in establishing cultural spaces, how to overcome them and monetise.

Case Study 2: Game Design House

Gaming industry has immense potential in terms of soft-exports and local consumption. Through this case study, you will get to understand the challenges & opportunities in establishing a game house.

Case Study 3: Film & Media Industry

This case study will give you a five-perspective view of the film and media industry of Pakistan where you will understand the bottlenecks in quality content creation of the industry and how to step towards making value-adding content.

Case Study 4: Digital Advertising Firm

This case study caters to different levels & scale of clients that an advertising firm has to deal with and the challenges it faces in terms of client handling, content creation, intellectual property and more.

What will you takeaway from this masterclass?

Understand the dynamics of creative economy & entrepreneurship.

Identify the business models that work best for you.

Identify the challenges faced by creative enterprises.

Find personalised solutions to the challenges you may face in your creative enterprise.

Duration: 4 weeks

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