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"Pakistan’s IT industry is growing annually at a rate of 18%, creating massive employment opportunities every year. On the other hand, our universities are producing approximately 35,000 IT graduates per annum. Why is it then that only 10% of them are employed?

While there is a large gap between the tech companies and IT workforce in terms of skills, there also exists a set of challenges faced at both ends of the spectrum, which if addressed, can shrink that gap. Some of the most pressing issues faced include:

  1. The tedious process IT companies have to go through in finding the right people that they need for relevant roles in their organisations.
  2. The lack of knowledge & accessibility of tech professionals and fresh IT graduates in reaching out the companies that they aspire to work with.
  3. Reluctance of IT companies towards advertising the job openings and rather being more inclined towards finding the desired human resource through their network; mainly for two reasons:
    • The credibility and reliability of the resource that comes through a reference;
    • The convenience and speed of hiring a referral network brings with it.
  4. Lack of mentoring of fresh graduates or young IT professionals to make it through their interviews resulting in the candidates not being able to:
    • Bring out their best in the interview process, and/or
    • Negotiate their offering.

After interacting with hundreds of talented individuals & CEOs in IT from across Pakistan, we at DirAction figured out that if we are to truly contribute towards flourishing our tech sector, the gap between the two pillars of the IT industry – human resource & employers, needs to be reduced.

And we found the solution in one thing – becoming the bridge between the two. How?

By helping people get recruited for the right skills in the right role at the right company, and helping companies recruit the right person for the right job.

I’m excited to share with you that DirAction is now offering ‘recruitment’ as a service.

I invite the leaders of all IT companies to become our partners in increasing the employment rate of our tech industry. And for all IT professionals, fresh & experienced, if you aspire to grow your career in tech and/or are looking for the right job, get in touch with us. We will get you recruited!" - Nabeel Qadeer (CEO, DirAction)

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