UI/UX Placement Bootcamp

UI/UX Placement Bootcamp


Week 1: Introduction to UI/UX Design

Day 1: Understanding the Fundamentals of UI/UX Design

Day 2: User Research and Personas

Day 3: Information Architecture and Wireframing

Day 4: Types of Prototypes

Day 5: UX and Usability testing

Week 2: UI Design Principles

Day 1-2: Introduction to UI Design Principles

Day 2: Layout and Composition

Day 3: Responsive Design

Day 4: Iconography and Illustration

Day 5: Visual Design Tools and Techniques

Week 3: Interaction Design

Day 1: Introduction to Interaction Design

Day 2: Micro Interactions

Day 3: Animation in UI/UX Design

Day 4: Advanced Prototyping Techniques

Day 5: User Flow and Navigation Design

Week 4: UI/UX Tools and Technologies

Day 1: Introduction to Front-end Development Technologies

Day 2: Collaborative Design Tools and Techniques

Day 3: Version Control for Designers

Day 4: Design Systems and Pattern Libraries

Day 5: Introduction to Prototyping with Code

Week 5: Advanced UI/UX Concepts

Day 1: Accessibility in UI/UX Design

Day 2: Designing for Mobile and Touch Interfaces

Day 3: Advanced Animation Techniques in UI/UX

Day 4: Ethical Design and User PrivacyEthical Design and User Privacy

Day 5: Design Thinking and Innovation

Week 6: Advanced UI/UX Concepts and Specializations

Day 1: Advanced Prototyping Techniques

Day 2: Designing for Specific Platforms (Web, Mobile, Desktop)

Day 3: UX Writing and Content Strategy

Day 4: UX Best Practices

Day 5: Testing

Week 7: Final Projects and Deployment

Day 1: Final Project Introduction and Team Formation

Day 2: Final Project Planning and Development

Day 3-4: Final Project Development

Day 5: Final Project Development and Testing

Week 8: Career Development and Finalization

Day 1: Building an Effective Resume

Day 2: Creating a Strong LinkedIn Profile

Day 3: Job Search Strategies and Networking

Day 4: Mock Interviews and Feedback

Day 5: Course Conclusion, Graduation, and Next Steps