What makes us believe in the programs we offer?

The thought that goes in each step of THE program development – from curriculum development to program delivery and student experience.

Localised curriculum

Experiential Learning

Professionals as trainers

Learn to Earn Program

Empowering College Students with Digital Proficiency for Career Success

What makes the program unique?

Completing our Learn to Earn training program empowers college students with versatile digital proficiencies, enabling them to seize high-potential opportunities for income generation. Moreover, they gain a solid understanding of technology, propelling them toward a rewarding path in the ever-evolving field of IT.

Duration: 3 months

Amazon Virtual Manager Program

A beginners program for the world’s largest marketplace – Amazon. By signing-up for the program, you can be ready to offer services on Amazon as a freelancer or start your own business.

What makes the program unique?

The answer is in the name – through this program, we train you to take up the role of a Virtual Manager, as opposed to the more common concept of virtual assistant.

Secondly, it is the way the curriculum has been developed. Divided in three sections, the program takes you on a reflective journey from defining your own brand, creating your freelance profiles, and gaining conceptual understanding about different Amazon business models including FBA Wholesale & FBA Private Label. The last section introduces leadership as a winning mindset.

Duration: 3 months + 1 month incubation

FBA Wholesale Program

A program best suited for individuals who want to become a wholesaler of established brands on the world’s largest marketplace.

  • Extensive Product Research and Evaluation
  • Effective Brand Communication Strategies.
  • Proven BuyBox Winning Strategies.
  • Guaranteed Client Onboarding Strategies.

Product Research & Evaluation

Brand Approval Hacks

Maximising Sales & Seller

Duration: 1.5 Months

Amazon Private Label Program

If you want to build your own brand on the world’s largest marketplace, this program is for you.

  • Extensive Product Research and Development.
  • Product Sourcing and Logistics.
  • Listing Creation through advanced strategies.
  • Proven Launching and Ranking Strategies.
  • Guaranteed Client Onboarding Strategies.

Product Research & Development

Advanced Writing Strategies & Maximising Sales

Business Growth & Scalability

Duration: 2 Months

Daraz Seller Program

Imagine a young class, energy brimming, discussing products with one of the top-rated Daraz sellers as the trainer. A mix of aspiring entrepreneurs and those who wish to expand their existing businesses digitally, the class brings together real-life market experience with creativity.

  • How to sell high demand local and international Products.
  • Learn how to source products from China.
  • Orders Management and Customer Service.
  • Smart Financial Management
  • Client Handling Strategies
  • Free access to Product Research Tools (Seller Dash).

Duration: 2 Months

Graphic Design Program

The program is a hands-on, end-to-end training that equips individuals with Adobe Suite design tools helping them step towards becoming a market-ready design professional.

  • Introduction to visual design communication such as visual language, design process & design constructs.
  • Colour psychology – understanding the meaning behind colours & when to use which colour.
  • Typography – the meaning of different fonts & when to use them.
  • Various graphic attributes such as shape, viewpoint, depth and dynamics.

Duration: 1.5 Months

Microsoft Skills Program

This program has been designed with the intention of equipping students and professionals with tools that we all need in our day to day lives – Microsoft Office Tools. From Excel to PowerPoint to Word, we all end up using them for some work or the other. So why not use it with confidence and command on their features.

  • How to use Excel for professional use this includes understanding how to use different formulas, and how to make graphs & charts.
  • How to use PowerPoint for professional presentations.
  • Using Word for professional use such as reports.

Duration: 3 Weeks

Full-Stack Development Program

A program for anyone who wants to embark on the journey of becoming a full stack developer, one of the most highly paying professions in today’s digital economy.

  • Learn HTML, a must have skillset for a web-developer
  • CSS – learn how to style, plan a layout and design the outlook of the website and web apps that you build.
  • JavaScript – an essential language to learn for web developers.
  • ReactJS – one of the most proper frameworks for front end development.
  • NodeJS – a backend language that is in very high demand.
  • Python – another high-in-demand language for full stack projects.

Duration: 2 Months