Ruby on Rails Placement Bootcamp

Ruby on Rails Placement Bootcamp


Week 1: Introduction to Ruby and Rails

Day 1: Introduction to Web Development and Ruby on Rails

Day 2: Setting Up Your Development Environment

Day 3: Ruby Basics: Syntax, Variables, and Data Types

Day 5: Functions and Methods in Ruby

Day 4: Control Structures and Loops in Ruby

Week 2: Working with Databases and ActiveRecord

Day 1: Introduction to Relational Databases and SQL

Day 2: Using ActiveRecord to Interact with Databases

Day 3: Creating and Migrating Database Tables

Day 4: CRUD Operations with Rails Models

Day 5: Validations and Associations in ActiveRecord

Week 3: Frontend Development with Rails

Day 1: Introduction to HTML and CSS

Day 2: Using ERB Templates in Rails

Day 3: Working with Forms and Form Helpers

Day 4: Styling Your Rails Application with Bootstrap

Day 5: JavaScript and jQuery for Rails

Week 4: Intermediate Rails Topics

Day 1: Background Jobs and Queues with Sidekiq

Day 2: Caching Strategies in Rails

Day 3: Internationalization and Localization

Day 4: Uploading Files with CarrierWave or Active Storage

Day 5: Deploying a Rails Application to Heroku

Week 5: Advanced Rails Concepts and Special Topics

Day 1: Advanced Routing and Controllers in Rails

Day 2: Integrating External APIs into a Rails Application

Day 3: Building Real-Time Features with WebSockets

Day 4: Microservices Architecture and Rails

Day 5: Exploring GraphQL in Rails

Week 6: APIs and Web Services with ROR

Day 1: Building RESTful APIs with ROR

Day 2: Consuming APIs in ROR Applications

Day 3: Versioning and Documentation of APIs

Day 4: Authentication and Authorization in API

Day 5: Project: Creating and Consuming APIs

Week 7: Final Projects and Deployment

Day 1: Final Project Introduction and Team Formation

Day 2: Final Project Planning and Development

Day 3-4: Final Project Development

Day 5: Final Project Development and Testing

Week 8: Career Development and Finalization

Day 1: Building an Effective Resume

Day 2: Creating a Strong LinkedIn Profile

Day 3: Job Search Strategies and Networking

Day 4: Mock Interviews and Feedback

Day 5: Course Conclusion, Graduation, and Next Steps