Pakistan’s First E-Commerce Round Table Conference

“E-commerce industry of Pakistan has the potential to become the backbone of our economy. However, in order for it to become one, all of us - from professionals to industry leaders, enabling organisations and government, need to take some significant action steps. Below are some of the potent points that were discussed as a way forward at Pakistan's first Round Table Conference on E-Commerce powered by DirAction:
  1. Payment gateways, financial institutions & government need to come together to help the existing & aspiring e-commerce professionals on their journey & enable them towards financial freedom.
  2. Providing skills education, awareness and training to the youth and women is essential for them to become active & effective economic contributors.
But before we teach technical skills we must inculcate an entrepreneurial mindset in them for it is entrepreneurs who build nations. Only when we create more & more entrepreneurs can we make Pakistan into one of the strongest economies of the world.
  1. The e-commerce industry needs to work in close collaboration with the traditional business community of Pakistan to be able to set the right direction for the industry at national policy level.
A special note of gratitude to Mohsin Muzaffar (Country Manager, for his contributions towards our freelance industry & making Payoneer a ray of hope for the youth of Pakistan. I’d like to thank William Makaneole (Consul General, US Consulate General, Lahore) for his presence, Shaukat Hayat (CEO, Frontier Platinum Group) for coming all the way from Peshawar, & e-commerce industry leaders for sharing their valuable concerns for the ecosystem to build, grow & rise. I invite all e-commerce experts to join our community, become a part of our journey and together let’s create meaningful & impactful projects for the youth of Pakistan. DirAction is an open-for-all company that was made with the mission to empower the youth through skills education; this is our collective opportunity to create impact.” Nabeel Qadeer (CEO, DirAction)

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