Nabeel Qadeer’s Entrepreneurship Masterclass

Our signature executive program on entrepreneurship for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who are looking for ways to grow and scale their businesses

Nabeel Qadeer

Nabeel Qadeer

CEO DirAction

What makes the program unique?

It brings together 18 years of entrepreneurial journey, experience of mentoring and coaching 3,000+ entrepreneurs across Pakistan by Nabeel Qadeer, one of the pioneers of the entrepreneurship landscape of the country.


1. Back to the Basics

Knowing the brand YOU.

Finding your ‘purpose’ and aligning your professional goals with it.

2. Know Your Customer

Understanding the needs & pain points of your potential customers.

How to translate the understanding of your customers into your products.

3. Building Successful Brands

Mastering the art of branding and marketing.

4. Building Effective Team Culture

How to hire the right people who believe in your vision.

How to get the job done, the right way from the right people at the right time.

5. The Art of Selling

If you can build it, can you sell it?

How to manage your clients?

6. Choosing the Right Business Model

Innovating your business model & stepping out of your comfort zone.

Identifying the right product-market fit for your business.

7. Financial Management

What’s the right price for your product or service?

How to manage finances of your business?

8. How to Raise Investment & Scale Your Startup

What does an investor look for in a startup?

Is your startup investment-ready?

Signature Executive Program
For Entrepreneurs

What will you gain from this Masterclass?

Small class size ensures there is plenty of time to discuss your start-up specific challenges, reflect as a group and strategize for growth.

Coaching Model

Real Local & International Case Studies

Sessions with Industry Leaders

Duration: 4 weeks

  • Knowledge equivalent to a Mini MBA in Entrepreneurship.

  • Tools and business models that work in real-life situations customised as per the context of Pakistan's market dynamics & customer mindset.

  • Curated reading material and real case studies from the best resources.

  • Free one-on-one session with Nabeel Qadeer, an ICF Certified Coach.

  • Strategies that will grow your business.

  • Forward-looking & practical approach to scale your business to new heights.

  • Access to DirAction’s Exclusive Entrepreneurs' Community where you'll get to network with growth stage startup founders like yourself.

  • The self-belief & roadmap you need to achieve your goals.