MERN Placement Bootcamp

MERN Placement Bootcamp


Week 1: Introduction to MERN Stack and Web Development

Day 1: Introduction to Web Development and MERN Stack

Day 2: Setting Up Your Development Environment

Day 3: Introduction to JavaScript ES6+

Day 4: Node.js and Express.js Fundamentals

Day 5: Building RESTful APIs with Express.js

Week 2: Frontend Development with React

Day 1: Introduction to React and JSX

Day 2: Components and Props in React

Day 3: State and Lifecycle in React

Day 4: Handling Events and Forms in React

Day 5: React Router and Navigation

Week 3: Building a Full-Stack MERN Application

Day 1: Integrating React with Express.js

Day 2: User Authentication with Passport.js

Day 3: Handling User Authorization and Permissions

Day 4: Real-time Communication with WebSocket (e.g., Socket.io)

Day 5: Advanced React Features and Hooks

Week 4: Backend Development and APIs

Day 1: Advanced Express.js Features

Day 2: Middleware and Request Processing

Day 3: File Uploads and Cloud Storage

Day 4: Security Best Practices in Node.js and Express.js

Day 5: Handling Authentication with JWT

Week 5: Advanced Topics in Full-Stack Development

Day 1: Advanced MongoDB Queries and Aggregation

Day 2: Database Design and Modeling

Day 3: Deployment and Scaling Strategies

Day 4: Testing React Components with Jest and Enzyme

Day 5: Building Reusable UI Components

Week 6: Advanced MERN Stack Development

Day 1: Exploring advanced React concepts (Hooks, Context API, Router)

Day 2: Real-time features with WebSocket and Socket.IO

Day 3: Building a robust authentication system with OAuth or OAuth2

Day 4: Database optimization and schema design in MongoDB

Day 5: Error handling and validation in Express.js

Week 7: Final Projects and Deployment

Day 1: Final Project Introduction and Team Formation

Day 2: Final Project Planning and Development

Day 3-4: Final Project Development

Day 5: Final Project Development and Testing

Week 8: Career Development and Finalization

Day 1: Building an Effective Resume

Day 2: Creating a Strong LinkedIn Profile

Day 3: Job Search Strategies and Networking

Day 4: Mock Interviews and Feedback

Day 5: Course Conclusion, Graduation, and Next Steps