Our premier program series, custom tailored for mid-to-senior level professionals and entrepreneurs, where industry leaders from various fields bring together their decades of experience in compact, milestone based modules spread over a duration of 4 to 6 weeks.

Nabeel Qadeer's Entrepreneurship Masterclass

If you are an entrepreneur or a senior professional looking for ways to grow and scale your company, this masterclass is for you!

Faisal Sherjan's Masterclass

Struggling to find the right solutions for the problems you’re facing in your business or at work? Design Thinking will help you steer your ideas in the right direction.

Zaeem Yaqoob's Masterclass

If you’re a creative practitioner or a creative entrepreneur wanting to establish or grow your business, this masterclass is for you!

Hammad Siddiqui's Masterclass

An interactive program for freelancers, senior professionals and c-suite to build their brand and international clientele leveraging the power of LinkedIn.

Zeeshan Jalil's Masterclass

An advanced level program for experienced Amazon service providers, sellers and micro-agency owners.