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Women With DirAction

Women Build Nations
This program is for women who believe they have a solution. Especially designed and curated with the support of experts, it is set to fully equip women as dynamic economic players.




Focus Groups


DirAction Youth

Youth Is the Future of Pakistan
‘Investing in Our Future’ is the ethos with which DirAction Youth is run. Entailing a deep sense of responsibility in our youngsters, the program is designed to give the right skills and tools to empower our children to become social and economic leaders of tomorrow.


Summer/Winter Camps



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Khadija Fund

For those who actively give back to society, this fund is an excuse. For those looking to pay it forward, this fund is an opportunity. But, for those receiving this fund, it can be what changed their life forever.
This need-based scholarship can be a gesture of continuing benefit in the name of a family member, friend or someone who has had an impact on your life (deceased or alive).
The fund can be allotted for the following purposes:

Need Based Scholarship

To fund the upskilling of any student who has enrolled in a DirAction program but cannot afford to pay the fee.

Women Education

To support a woman’s training in a monetisable skill that will allow her to embark on a journey towards financial independence. This scholarship includes but is not limited to women who have children, are single mothers or are widowed.
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Flood Rehabilitation Program

Skills Program for Flood Affectees

Pakistan was hit by torrential monsoon rains and subsequent devastating floods in June 2022, the most severe in the country’s recent history.

Through this program, access to digital skills is provided to one member of flood affected families as a means to earn income. It equips them to start earning and off-set the financial impact of the socio-economic shock caused by the floods.

Through this program, you can now sponsor the digital skills education of a family in need.