Hammad Siddiqui

Hammad Siddiqui

Hammad Siddiqui’s LinkedIn Masterclass

An interactive program for freelancers, senior professionals and C-suite to build their brand and international clientele by leveraging the power of LinkedIn.

Why should you enrol in this masterclass?

The primary goal of this masterclass is to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to improve your digital presence, socio-professional branding and networking by harnessing LinkedIn’s vast network. Aim of this program is to help you maximise your chances of finding opportunities for business & career progression, and to grow your footprint in the global marketplace.

What will you learn from this masterclass?

1. Setting up a professional LinkedIn profile:

How to create an effective profile that showcases your skills, experiences & achievements.

LinkedIn profile optimization techniques for better search.

2. Networking on LinkedIn:

How to connect with potential employers, recruiters & industry experts.

3. Search strategies for job seekers, freelancers and consultants:

How to use LinkedIn's search features to identify relevant job opportunities and find leads for freelancing and remote work.

4. LinkedIn Features:

How to use LinkedIn Features such as events, live, and newsletter to increase your visibility and build a professional brand.

5. Content Creation and Targeting:

The best practices for using LinkedIn content creation and targeting, types of content, the power of engagements and commenting for establishing your professional brand on LinkedIn.

Hands-on exercises

Real-time feedback from the instructor

Duration: 4 weeks

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