Faisal Sherjan

Faisal Sherjan

Faisal Sherjan’s Design Thinking Masterclass

A hands-on & engaging program for professionals and entrepreneurs, this masterclass has been designed to change your lens of how you look at your product or service.

Why should you enrol in this program?

As business owners or professionals, we often think that our products and services are customer centric whereas we hardly know who our customer is. This masterclass will help you switch into the shoes of those who buy from you so your product is ready to be consumed as soon as it enters the market.

What areas will you cover in this masterclass?

1. How to listen to your customer?

Empathising with your customer

Customer personification

2. Problem Discovery & Defining Problems

Identifying the pattern of the problem

Customer Journey Mapping

3. Ideation

How to ideate for your product with customers in mind?

Implementing the customer journey map on the product design

4. Materialising & Implementing the solution


Learning from failures

5. Testing

Testing your product

5. Iteration - The Feed 'Forward' Loop

Duration: 4 weeks

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