DirAction Tech Launch

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Pakistan’s IT Industry has become the fastest growing industry of the country due to the relentless efforts and vision of the leaders and movers & shakers of this dynamic field. However, to reach its full potential, the industry needs people who are highly skilled, up-to-date with global technologies and “at the ready” to take on the challenges and opportunities at the workplace.  

DirAction Tech is one of our most sought-after programs through which we upskill the tech talent of Pakistan to energise the growth of our IT industry with targeted development of our human capital. Through this program, we ensure that the transition of young IT professionals to the workplace is smooth, seamless and complete.  

As a step forward towards the mission of upskilling the people of Pakistan, DirAction hosted an event to formally launch “DirAction Tech” at COLABS where the team brought together the heroes of the IT industry, tech students and young IT professionals under one roof as a much-needed measure towards making Pakistan one of the strongest skills-based economies of the world.  

To mark the occasion, the CEO (DirAction), Mr. Nabeel Qadeer mentioned,  

“Our tech industry is the fastest growing industry of Pakistan. However, for our IT industry to reach its full potential, one of the core elements that our tech companies need is market-ready young tech talent. The goal of DirAction Tech is to prepare the fresh tech talent for the IT industry of Pakistan and bridge the skills gap between the industry & academia to give our country the human capital it needs."  

Speaking at the event, the Chief Guest, Mr. Muhammad Zohaib Khan, Chairman PakistanSoftwareHousesAssociation (P@SHA), stated,  

“As someone who has seen the IT industry of Pakistan grow from ground up, there is one challenge that the IT companies are consistently faced with is the lack in the skillset of fresh graduates that are ready to perform and deliver as soon as they join. What DirAction Tech is doing is a great step forward in filling this skills gap. Nabeel and DirAction have my full support in this new initiative to prepare tech enabled young IT human resource for the tech industry for the economic growth of Pakistan."  

A significant development at the event was the MoU signing between DirAction & Rozee, where the two companies joined hands to work together for nurturing the human capital of Pakistan.  

Present at the event also were notable professionals from the Tech and related industries such as Mr. Amin Ansari (President, Stewart Pakistan), Mr. Usman Asif (CEO Devsinc), Ms. Fatima Asad Said (CEO, Abacus Consulting), Mr. Monis Rahman (Co-Founder and CEO, Dukan), Mr. Sarfraz Raza (CEO, Seed Programming), Mr. Shahid Qazi (CEO, Rozee.pk), Dr. Hammad Naveed (Director, NUCES- FAST Lahore), and Mr. Umar Zafar (CEO, Emblem Technologies).  

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