DirAction Coders’ Community – If you can dream it, you can code it!

"Coding is a language not restricted by any boundary or ethnicity. Be it any part of the world, the underlying syntax remains the same, and that makes coding the most powerful language of all times. With the vision to connect the world with the language of coding, I’m excited to announce Pakistan’s first-of-its-kind community - DirAction Coders’ Community!

Aimed at bringing the best programming minds from all parts of Pakistan and around the world under one umbrella, this community is a means to strengthen the economic conditions of Pakistan at large. Ultimately, the goal is simple; financial value addition in the lives of our people. 

The mission is to turn the community into not just a place of knowledge sharing but a hub of opportunities in terms of:
  • Giving our youth value-adding experiences, foreign exposure & international network;
  • Becoming a breeding ground for high quality tech products, problem solvers, professionals and startups emerging from Pakistan; and
  • Bringing business into the country.

Meetups & sessions with international & local experts in the field of programming, will be a regular feature.  To add on, through this community, the graduates of our Cracking The Coding Interview Bootcamp have a brilliant opportunity to become junior trainers and train other coding enthusiasts like themselves, grow the coding community of Pakistan and ultimately step towards starting their own IT companies. 

A platform for passionate coders, DirAction Coders’ Community is not just a community; it is the beginning of a revolution that will change the way this country works.

I invite all coding enthusiasts to not just join it but lead it. Help one another hone skills to come at par with the world, open exciting opportunities for each other, and contribute in making it the biggest community of coders & programmers in the world! 

Become a part of DirAction Coders’ Community today and together let’s make coding the new language.  Just believe that, “If you can dream it, you can code it.” Let’s Talk Code! https://chat.whatsapp.com/BZenUVhzPoH1YojwgmNyVx " - Nabeel Qadeer (CEO, DirAction)

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