Devsinc Becomes DirAction’s Learning Partner

devsinc, usman asif, nabeel qadeer top tech company of pakistan
"The role Devsinc is playing in creating opportunities for the young tech talent of Pakistan is commendable; that is where it aligns with the vision of DirAction to create human capital for Pakistan.  

To help the company grow its employees as professionals & tech experts, DirAction joined hands with Devsinc as its Learning Partner.  

DirAction, through its Corporate Program, shall be training Devsinc team on various human skills. Additionally, under the umbrella of DirAction Tech, fresh IT graduates will be trained “the Devsinc way” focusing on enhancing their programming skills. These trainings will not only reduce the need for on-job training of newly hired employees but also help the company save cost and time.   

To give more value to the youth, Devsinc will be offering employment opportunities to the graduates of DirAction Tech program.  

Having seen Usman Asif’s journey from ground-up, I’m certain that under his leadership Devsinc shall set standards. With DirAction-Devsinc partnership, I look forward to creating lasting impact in the tech sector of Pakistan!" - Nabeel Qadeer (CEO, DirAction) 

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