Who Is Sarfraz Raza?

Who Is Sarfraz Raza?


Week 1: Brainstorming Strategies and Articulating your Thought Process

Brainstorming Problem Solving Strategies

Understanding the Data

Deciding Problem Solving Strategies

Knowing your tool kit

Articulating your thought Process

Knowing what is efficiency - Time Communication

(asymptotic vs practical)

Focus this week on: Direct Access Techniques, String Processing, Hashing

What problems fall to hashing, Power and verities of hashing, What hashing can and cannot do.

Week 2: The Recursion Sledgehammer

Define recursion

Building the recursive imagination

The world of Solution Space Navigation with recursion

Knowing when to use Brute Force and how to code it.

Dynamic Programming

Week 3: Search Problem Strategies with Linked Structures

The Linked Structures Repertoire, and what you must know about them

Linked Structures v Hashing trade-offs

Stl::Vector, Deque, Map, Set, Multiset, Multimap, Stack, Queues, Priority, Unordered_map, and Their Iterators.

Week 4-5: Techniques to Tackle (Optimization Problems I)

The apparatus:

Divide and Conquer

Greedy Techniques

Week 6: Modeling Dependency Based Problems (Advanced Optimization Problems II)

Graphs Modeling of dependency based problems

Making Mini Twitter Application using directed graph

Designing and implementing mini facebook using undirected graph

Week 7: Domain Knowledge for a Programming Interview

Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Classes and their relationships

Constructors and Destructor

Virtual Functions and VTable

When we need Virtual Destructor

Playing with Operator Overloading

Pointers and References


Data Bases (DB)

SQL Syntax and Variations

Denormalized vs. Normalized Databases

SQL Statements

Small Database Design

Large Database Design

Operating System (OS)

Threads in C++

Synchronization and Locks

Deadlocks and Deadlock Prevention

Week 8: Mock Interviews + Job Fair

Cracking The Coding Interview
With Sarfraz Raza

Preparing fresh tech talent with exactly the right skills that the
IT companies are looking for!