What Is DirAction Corporate Program?

On a mission to make Pakistan one of the strongest skills-based economies in the world, we at DirAction believe that the tech and SME sectors can play a major role in the economic uplift of our country. This can only be achieved if the people working in them are equipped with just the right skills needed to grow their businesses. 

In order to enable organisations reach their full potential, we have developed a uniquely cut-out Corporate Program to help them overcome challenges pertaining to their workforce such as leadership skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, cultural intelligence and conflict resolution skills. What makes this program different from any other corporate training program is its customised approach in curriculum development and training.

Customised Curriculum

On-Site Training

Hands-on Approach

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Under the umbrella of our Corporate Program, we offer a number of trainings that have been designed after meeting more than 100 CEOs and the teams of leading companies in the tech and SME sectors, and understanding the pulse of their businesses.

Leadership Communication

The flagship program for team leads and management covers key aspects of leadership including self-development, purpose alignment, communication, and team building.

Operational Excellence

Designed for Department Leads and Managers, the program enables to define lags in the current processes, propose solutions for effectiveness, and create new procedures to improve performance.

Customer Service

The program has been developed for customer-facing staff and provides training on communication skills, customer management, conflict management – all with a leader’s approach.

Design thinking for Business Strategy

This program equips managers of SMEs & corporates across a range of industries with tools and techniques to design innovative products and services informed by high-quality customer insights.

The Feedback Loop

The program helps management to develop effective feedback systems for teams, be them of any size, remote or those working in-person. Thereby, increasing productivity, retention and overall efficiency.

Connect - Retail Customer Service

A tailored program for customer service & sales representatives for the retail industry that equips the trainee with tools to “connect” at three levels for effective service – the brand, themselves, & customers. It covers key aspects including brand alignment, developing a customer pallet, understanding customer requirements, data management, communication, and negotiation skills.

Time Management

How we manage time at our personal level directly affects our effectiveness at work in the form of lack of prioritisation and delayed deliveries. This program is designed to help employees implement the tools & techniques of time management that will equip them to prioritise their tasks and add more value to the organisation.

Stress Management

Our state of mind directly reflects in our performance at work. Through this program, we help organisations focus on the well-being of their employees by sharing with them the techniques for managing stress stemming from both personal life and work space. The outcome is an increased performance of the teams and organisation at large.