Celebrating the IT Heroes of Pakistan – Iftar Hosted by DirAction

Pakistan's tech sector has the potential to become the backbone of our economy. However, to fully realize this potential the people fueling the industry need to be provided with the right direction and a system that enables them to reach there. This is where the skills-first approach becomes vital for us. Our organisations need to embrace a culture of learning, unlearning, and relearning to stay abreast with the evolving global tech landscape and strengthen Pakistan's economy.

As a step forward towards the mission of upskilling the people of Pakistan, DirAction hosted an Iftar networking dinner of the leaders of the tech industry to celebrate the IT Heroes of Pakistan.

Mr. Nabeel Qadeer (CEO, DirAction) mentioned that,

Pakistan’s tech industry is the most booming and fastest growing industry of Pakistan with our software exports standing at approximately USD 3 Billion, however this is not enough. For our IT industry to reach its full potential, one of the core elements that our tech companies need is good human resource - people with high integrity, people with the right technical skills, soft skills, social skills, interpersonal skills and an overall empathetic approach towards the clients, which together makes an individual a holistic entity ready to deliver at his or best potential. Our goal at DirAction is to enable the entire tech ecosystem; whether it’s freelancers, CEO’s of IT companies or e-commerce businesses, for which we have brought together the industry veterans with decades of experience in their relevant domains as consultants to help organisations in transforming their human resource into human capital. Together, I believe, we can give Pakistan the human capital it needs by nurturing, empowering and enabling our people with skills that will make our country a stronger, better Pakistan.

The Chief Guest of the event, Mr. William Makaneole (U.S. Consul General Lahore), stated that,

Pakistan’s IT industry has unarguably given the world one of the best tech labour force! Nonetheless, it can be increased multifold given its people are provided the right skills they need to perform at their full potential. I am glad to see how DirAction is doing a brilliant job in training people with just the right skills that Pakistani organisations actually need. On behalf of the US government, I extend support to the tech sector for propelling Pakistan’s economic growth.

The event was attended by the notables of the tech industry such as Mr. Salim Ghauri (CEO, Netsol), Mr. Sajjad Kirmani (CEO, Infogistics), Mr. Monis Rahamn (Founder & CEO, Rozee.pk), Mr. Usman Asif (Founder & CEO, DevsInc), Mr. Umar Zafar (CEO, Emblem Technologies), Mr. Uzair Arshad (Founder & Chairman, Emblem Technologies), Mr. Badar Khushnood (Co-Founder, Fishry) and Dr. Hammad Naveed (Director, FAST-NUCES Lahore).

DirAction is a skill enhancement and capacity building company that helps leading organisations in the tech and SME sectors of Pakistan in transforming human resource into human capital. DirAction was founded 1.5 years ago with the vision to make Pakistan one of the strongest skills economies of the world. To date, the company has built of strong community of 10,000+ individuals, has 140+ skills centres in 25 cities across Pakistan with 2,500+ graduates. Currently, DirAction provides skills development & capacity building trainings in three verticals - Tech Industry, SME Sector and Skills Centres.

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