DirAction Coders’ Community – If you can dream it, you can code it!

“Coding is a language not restricted by any boundary or ethnicity. Be it any part of the world, the underlying syntax remains the same, and that makes coding the most powerful language of all times. With the vision to connect the world with the language of coding, I’m excited to announce Pakistan’s first-of-its-kind community – […]

We Get You Recruited!

“Pakistan’s IT industry is growing annually at a rate of 18%, creating massive employment opportunities every year. On the other hand, our universities are producing approximately 35,000 IT graduates per annum. Why is it then that only 10% of them are employed? While there is a large gap between the tech companies and IT workforce […]

Devsinc Becomes DirAction’s Learning Partner

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“The role Devsinc is playing in creating opportunities for the young tech talent of Pakistan is commendable; that is where it aligns with the vision of DirAction to create human capital for Pakistan.   To help the company grow its employees as professionals & tech experts, DirAction joined hands with Devsinc as its Learning Partner. […]

Training Pakistanis on Salesforce with Tech Minds Institute

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DirAction will now be training Pakistan’s young tech talent on Salesforce – one of the most widely used CRMs across the world! Recently the company partnered with Tech Minds Institute to provide training to fresh IT graduates on Salesforce. The Co-founders of Tech Minds Institute, Aleem Munir and Ali Wasiq, gave Nabeel Qadeer and his […]

Seed Programming Partners with DirAction for Training the Young Tech Talent of Pakistan

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“Developing human capital in tech is the way forward if we are to catalyse Pakistan’s economic growth. This requires unlearning & relearning of teaching methodologies and creating an alternative system to traditional technology education; a system that not just upskills the youth but also gives them a new approach towards building a career in IT. […]

Rozee Partners with DirAction to Develop the Human Capital of Pakistan

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DirAction & Rozee join hands to develop the human capital of Pakistan. The objective of this collaboration is to prepare skilled force for the tech sector by equipping people who are already employed in the IT industry as well as those who aspire to be a part of it with relevant skills. The MoU signing […]

DirAction Tech Launch

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Pakistan’s IT Industry has become the fastest growing industry of the country due to the relentless efforts and vision of the leaders and movers & shakers of this dynamic field. However, to reach its full potential, the industry needs people who are highly skilled, up-to-date with global technologies and “at the ready” to take on […]

Cracking The Coding Interview with Sarfraz Raza – Program Launch

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“Catalysing the growth of our tech industry is the need of the hour. It can only be achieved if the young IT talent meets the skills requirement of the technology companies.   DirAction Tech was conceived with the vision to prepare tech enabled resources for the IT industry.     Joined by our large DirAction Tech […]

Celebrating the IT Heroes of Pakistan – Iftar Hosted by DirAction

Pakistan’s tech sector has the potential to become the backbone of our economy. However, to fully realize this potential the people fueling the industry need to be provided with the right direction and a system that enables them to reach there. This is where the skills-first approach becomes vital for us. Our organisations need to […]