Ethereum Blockchain Placement Bootcamp

Ethereum Blockchain Placement Bootcamp


Week 1: Foundations of AI and Machine Learning

Day 1: Introduction to Blockchain Technology

Day 2: Understanding Ethereum and Its Ecosystem

Day 3: Setting Up Your Development Environment

Day 4: Introduction to Solidity Programming Language

Day 5: Solidity Data Types and Variables

Week 2: Understanding Ethereum and Its Ecosystem

Day 1: Overview of Ethereum

Day 2: Smart Contracts and DApps

Day 3: Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

Day 4-5: Setting Up Development Environment for Ethereum

Week 3: Introduction to Solidity Programming Language

Day 1-2: Basics of Solidity Syntax

Day 3: Functions and Control Structures

Day 4: Contracts and State Variables

Day 5: Hands-on Solidity Coding Sessions

Week 4: Advanced Solidity Concepts

Day 1: Solidity Modifiers and Events

Day 2: Error Handling and Exception Handling in Solidity

Day 3: Smart Contract Security Best Practices

Day 4: Solidity Libraries and Inheritance

Day 5: Developing Upgradable Smart Contracts

Week 5: Decentralized Application (DApp) Development

Day 1: Introduction to Web3.js and DApp Architecture

Day 2: Building User Interfaces for DApps

Day 3: Connecting Smart Contracts to DApps

Day 4: Handling User Authentication in DApps

Day 5: Implementing User Interactions with Smart Contracts

Week 6: Interacting with External Data and Oracles

Day 1: Introduction to Oracles and Their Role

Day 2: Using Chainlink oracles for External Data

Day 3: Building Oracle-Powered Smart Contracts

Day 4: Project Work on Oracle-Enhanced DApps

Day 5: Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) and Developing/Proposing EIPs

Week 7: Final Projects and Deployment

Day 1: Final Project Introduction and Team Formation

Day 2: Final Project Planning and Development

Day 3-4: Final Project Development

Day 5: Final Project Development and Testing

Week 8: Career Development and Finalization

Day 1: Building an Effective Resume

Day 2: Creating a Strong LinkedIn Profile

Day 3: Job Search Strategies and Networking

Day 4: Mock Interviews and Feedback

Day 5: Course Conclusion, Graduation, and Next Steps